My natural hair journey started quite by accident – my hair fell out forcing me to take the then drastic measure of leaving it unrelaxed! To make matters worse it was a whole lot thinner than it used to be. Nerve racking. I was the only black girl on a busy investment banking trading floor and I was taking the “being different” thing even further by going natural on their asses – it didn’t matter, I decided not to care.

A year into my natural journey I realised that I was doing quite well at being natural. My hair was not only growing back the thickness was returning. I decided to start keeping a record of my progress online for my own records. By then I already had 4 blogs (;; what is now and so I thought a 5th blog wasn’t really that much of a stretch.

What to call this blog? Well, my dad comes from a little African village called Neno in Malawi and I thought well, my roots lie in Neno and it’s the roots of my hair that I’m trying to grow so I am the natural haired girl from Neno, was born.

I decided I didn’t want it to just be another natural hair blog so I thought, “what’s missing in the natural hair blogosphere?” and it quickly came to me, there were too many style blogs and too few scientific blogs – you know, blogs that help people really get what going on with their hair. I decided to be the blogger that catered to that. So, in November 2012 I started writing. I created a Facebook page, started a Twitter account and people started to value the service I was providing.

  • I also wrote a free ebook on How To Grow Long, Healthy Hair. Since November-2012 it’s been downloaded almost 20,000 times! I am so grateful to everyone that supports me in building the Neno Natural platform because without that support I wouldn’t have the energy.

Today, I just went over the 90,000 mark on Facebook and all the other stats are growing too. What makes Neno Natural different is that I don’t stick to one medium, I decided I would create YouTube videos for those that like optical stimulation, blogs for those that enjoy a good read and an Insta page and Pinterest account for those that love pretty pictures.

This year, I decided to take things two steps further:

  • I am working on converting my hair growth tips into an iTunes audio podcast as we speak.
  • AND I am preparing an amazing series on how to make your own hair care recipes. I’ve actually been preparing for this since April-2013 and I can’t wait to start rolling the lessons out. I was planning on charging for the course but I’ve decided to make it FREE for as long as possible.

I love to serve so Neno Natural is committed to answering as many emails as possible especially queries from everyone that has opted into my email list. For most things though you can find answer at or by doing a search using the search bar on the website.

Anyhow, I am going on a bit now so I’m going to go.

Love, peace and chicken grease.

Heather Katsonga-Woodward

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